Sugar Worms has hit the App Store worldwide

The one-of-a-kind line-matching game Sugar Worms, developed by INOVENTO, hit the App Store worldwide on May 25, 2016 at 12 AM EEST after 4 months of soft launch in Canada, New Zealand and several other territories. The game received the praise of its early players thanks to its innovations on the popular puzzle genre bringing never seen before twists of the line-matching gameplay making it more addicting than ever.

Sugar Worms is a casual, free-to-play mobile game that sees players connecting worms to remove them from screen and get them replaced by new worms that appear in their place. This is in contrast to the usual gravity that is used to reorder the field after each move. As a result players are now allowed to make a move before the previous one has finished, getting over the most tedious restriction that usually slows down the gameplay of other puzzle games.

•Dynamic Gameplay: Players are allowed to make a move before the previous one has been completed.
•Challenging Levels: 150+ unique levels and a wide variety of puzzle challenges that get introduced on a regular basis.
•Champion Mode: a very competitive time attack challenge that becomes available after winning 3 stars from a level and once completed awards the player with a crown from that level.
•Trophy Levels: Special levels of high difficulty that award unique trophies, some of which resemble some of the most famous art pieces in the world.
•Social interactions: Players can compete with their friends, exchange gifts and help each other out.
•High-Quality Art: Hundreds of beautiful, hand-crafted graphics and animations, adorable characters and amusing environment.

“Initially the worms were created as supporting characters for another game we were working on at the time, but we loved them so much that we came up with the idea to dedicate them their own game.”, said Hristo Inkiov, Chief Executive Officer of INOVENTO. “We ended up with an original concept that allowed the best possible interaction with the characters and at the same time allowed us to execute our passion for innovation”.

Sugar Worms is extremely easy to pick up and get lost into but the wide variety of puzzle challenges that get introduced on a regular basis makes it one that is difficult to master. When players get stuck they have various boosters and power-ups to choose from to help them pass to the next level. Other distinguishing feature of the game is its non-intrusive monetization strategy and the usage of rewarded videos as a means for the players to acquire free coins, additional lives and even one additional permanent move in every level.

To stay current with the latest trend for competitive gaming, Sugar Worms offers the very unique and competitive Champion mode that requires the players to beat the levels with full 3-stars and then complete them for a set amount of time with each move awarding extra time. Once they succeed, they receive a crown from that level and the player with the most crowns among their friends is named the Champion. This and several other social features comprise the social layer of the game, which currently supports the Facebook login as a means to connect with your friends and sync your progress between your devices.