Yodo1, a leading global publisher of mobile games, today released “League of Stickmen,” a combat action RPG for mobile on the worldwide App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. League of Stickmen was originally created by China-based indie developer DreamSky, and released in June for Android devices on Google Play. Today, Yodo1 launches a re-designed version for iOS that appeals to a more global audience.

The game features eight “champions”, each with a unique set of fighting abilities, and is geared towards casual gamers and those looking for “twitch” like game action.

Features include:
· 300 levels in the game
· 8 champions, each with four unique and thematic abilities. Many new champions will be added over the coming months
· Over 200 pieces of equipment available (50 weapons, 4 tier levels)
· Single player mode and Co-Op Mode where two people play synchronously
· Up to three champions can be used at once in single player mode
· Every character is uniquely modeled to produce high quality and exciting combat animations

Building off of the recent success of Crossy Road, Yodo1 is setting its sights on bringing more titles to the global market. With the rise of developer talent around the world, Yodo1 is looking to help these talented developers bring their hit titles to a global audience.

Yodo1 dedicated a number of development and publishing resources to rebuild the game for iOS worldwide, including
· iOS 9 features support including ReplayKit integration to enable screen recording of gameplay
· HD quality art: all graphical elements were re-rendered to HD quality
· Complete UI overhaul to be more effective and usable
· New text translations and language updates to include traditional Chinese, English, Japanese and Spanish
· Brand new sound effects
· KTPlay: an out-of-the- box seamless in-game community

“Android is the dominant platform in China, making up 70% of the market, so the initial release was a great test bed for League of Stickman,” said Henry Fong, founder and CEO of Yodo1. “Our game design and publishing teams at Yodo1 are well positioned to help take this and other games from local markets like China into global markets. We have a keen understanding of what both Eastern and Western audiences want in a casual action game and we think this new game will appeal to a vast audience that spans multiple demographics.”

Pricing and Availability
“League of Stickmen” is now available on the App Store for $0.99 and additional characters and weapon upgrades are available for In-App Purchase. A WindowsPhone version of the new game will be available in the coming weeks. The original Android game developed by DreamSky is available on Google Play as a free download with IAP.

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