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Luna League Soccer is out now for mobile

Lunagames is pleased to announce that Luna League Soccer is available now on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Phone. The game is free to play and offers an in-app purchase to remove advertisement. PC, Mac and Linux versions are under development and these will launch early next year on Steam and other desktop-based stores.

About Luna League Soccer
Luna League Soccer is an over-the-top game that takes inspiration from old arcade classics such as Nintendo World Cup (NES) and Mario Strikers (Gamecube). This game follows the basic rules of Soccer, but adds crazy power ups and magic attacks to the mix.

Players control one of six rivalling factions that are fighting for world domination. The game of Soccer is used as a means to overcome political stand-offs. Every two years there is a tournament that determines who will rule Luna for the next term.

Key Features
•Over-the-top arcade gameplay
•Play quick matches and compete in penalty shootouts
•Choose your formation and win cups by defeating each team
•Level-up your team and earn new skills
•Unlock fields and balls, each having special properties
•Beautiful cartoony art style
Controller support for Android and Nvidia Shield devices

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