Super Bit Adventure – Update 1.5 Now Available (Video)

Super Bit Adventure has released update 1.5 that includes many bug fixes, loads of new items/gear, the next chapter in the story (Nightfall), and a major artistic facelift.

The face of Super Bit Adventure has changed dramatically. You can check out the new artwork on our social media pages and in the Google Play store. A new trailer has been released for update 1.5. The new trailer can be found on our YouTube channel.

The new Nightfall dungeon is now available and introduces the next part of the story where our hero will learn a major piece of information regarding who he is. Along with that, dozens of new dungeons have been hand crafted and included with this update.

Loads of new weapons, armor, shields, and skills have also been introduced with much larger upgradable opportunities. The amount of customization has grown exponentially to broaden the scope of gameplay variety. Create the style of play that suits you best.

The adventure league shop has been updated to include new gear that can be bought using your points. Also, the item world will now save the floor number you’re on if you used a bocobo feather to make your escape (unless you die). This will save lots of time for leveling up high leveled gear.

Super Bit Adventure is an action RPG brought to you by 3rd Pinnacle Games that draws inspiration from retro 2D RPGs of the past. It launched onto Google Play on December 31, 2015 and is available as a free download.