Super Bit Adventure – Tier 2 Dungeon Now Available

Super Bit Adventure has released update 1.3 that includes many bug fixes and released the new Tier 2 Dungeon, Reticent, onto our hero.

Players can now risk their lives in the blistering cold of Reticent’s icy caverns to fight new mobs, uncover new mysteries, and plunder new Tier 3 loot! Reticent comes with 10 randomized new levels and a difficult boss fight against Krystal, the Witch Thief.

As an extra thank you to our players, drop rates for equipment and rare treasure chests have also increased by 10%! A big board has been added to the camp that will be updated with news and patch notes to keep you informed of all the newest happenings!

Super Bit Adventure is an action RPG brought to you by 3rd Pinnacle Games that draws inspiration from retro 2D RPGs of the past. It launched onto Google Play on December 31, 2015 and is available as a free download.