In “SUPERTRUMPMAN” you play as president Donald Trump defending the White House (on the moon) against the nightmarish hordes from beyond the wall. SUPERTRUMPMAN is a fast reaction, timer based survival defense game which tests your coordination skills just as much as your temperament. 

After moving the White House to the 51st state (the recently annexed moon), president Trump believed he would finally be safe from all those inexorable fiends who are after what they envy most: His luscious, patriotic mane.
But the liberals lied again big league. And now it’s upon you warriors of truth to help your glorious president defend the USA from all the horrors that approach.

Aided by your trusty gold plated double barrel plasma rifle you are ready to blast anything and everything that dares to look your way. For the vicious enemies of the American Dream are legion: Zombie hairdresser wrestlers from beyond the wall, flying evil unicorn piñatas, and the very worst boss enemy of them all: All-you-can-eat taco plates!

This is a defense/reaction game. Fast moving hordes upon hordes of various enemies storm towards you from multiple directions. You shoot them down by pressing fire buttons according to direction of attack.
Should they ever reach your beautiful White House concrete wall: Game over.
To win: blast everything that moves within your beam range killzone until the level countdown runs out. But watch your temper! Mindless button mashing will drop your approval rating and inevitably lead to a game over as well.
Fortunately, you can upgrade your awesome arsenal of awesomeness with ingame points.

– 50 awesome ever increasing power awesome levels.
– 3 types of tremendously vicious enemies.
– Huge boss rounds with huge boss enemies.
– 2 types of awesome weapons (plasma rifle and celebrity charisma attack).
– Bargain in-game shop with massive buffs and upgrades (no real money involved).
– Comes with unique retro cartoon art style – FREE OF CHARGE!

What are you waiting for? Go make America awesome again!