Sword Art Online: Lost Song is now available

Play-Asia.com is very happy to announce that the new Sword Art Online episode, Sword Art Online: Lost Song for Playstation Vita and Playstation 3 is finally available!

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is a Role Playing Game based on the novel, manga and anime, Sword Art Online.

In a simulated Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) setting, players find that they are trapped within the game and must explore and defeat enemies until they reach the highest levels of Aincrad to beat the game and free themselves from the fantasy world.

This new chapter will take place on Svart ALfheim, a mysterious new floating continent that comes bundled as a game update to the ALfheim Online virtual reality. Svart ALfheim will reportedly be a vast continent with a variety of zone types including plains, deserts, and tundra, amongst others. Each area can be freely explored on foot or by air.

The combat system is now split between land and air battles, which will greatly affect the way players fight. Land battles will be the primary way to do battle in dungeons, but outside of them players can choose to switch between the two combat styles.

Air battles turn player focus to maneuverability, allowing them to make use of the multiple axes during aerial combat and the strategy they bring. The ability to autoattack is removed in air battles, but players can choose to have lock-on targeting deactivated which will allow them to attack any part of an enemy’s body.
Lost Song also marks the first instance in a Sword Art Online title where players will be able to choose to play as someone other than Kirito! Whether or not this means players will be able to customize their own avatars is not yet known. The parties will also have a capacity of three characters, of which the player will be able to choose.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song will feature cooperative online multiplayer. Players will be able to choose their character and log in to a 16 person tavern lobby, where up to four players can form a party and embark on difficult quests that will present players with even greater rewards.
As Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, also Lost Song (Asia version) will contains English in-game texts.

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