Tap ‘n’ Pop 3: Balloon Adventures – available now!

Software River Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce immediate availability of – Tap ‘n’ Pop 3: Balloon Adventures. Tap ‘n’ Pop 3 features a unique and smooth gameplay, beautiful sound and graphics as well as over 500 challenging levels. Tap ‘n’ Pop 3 is continuing the great features of previous releases while adding much more variety to the gameplay.

Features include:

Over 500 unique levels
8 different game modes
Smooth gameplay
Beautiful graphics
Exceptional sound effects


Tap ‘n’ Pop 3: Balloon Adventures is available for FREE on following platforms and devices:

iOS (iPhone, iPad, IPod) iOS 5.1 or later required (iTunes App Store)
Android (Android 2.3 required) (Google Play App Store)
BlackBerry 10 OS (BlackBerry World App Store)
Windows 8 (Windows 8.1 is required) (Windows App Store)
Windows Phone 8 (Windows Phone 8.0 and up is required) (WP8 App Store)
OSX (OSX 10.4 required) (iTunes OSX App Store)

More information available at: http://tapnpop.softwareriver.com

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