The Eyes of Ara, Puzzle Adventure game on Switch

The Eyes of Arathe award-winning puzzle adventure set in a mysterious castle, welcomes daring Nintendo Switch owners to uncover its secrets.
An enigmatic aura blankets a towering castle. Untouched for centuries, the lonely edifice attracts many a rumor and superstition. A radio transmission, suddenly broadcast from somewhere within the castle’s weathered walls, silences the whispers. Something has awoken.
Crack the code to uncover the castle’s buried secrets. Unlock the way forward by examining objects of interest, recognizing patterns, deducing passwords, and analyzing everything from treasure boxes to surprising technology. Behind fake walls and hidden rooms, discover the truth of what happened to the castle’s inhabitants.
Joy-Con™ and touchscreen support make exploring an immersive, tactile experience. When docked, use the Joy-Con’s built-in gyroscope to point, click, and examine objects directly, or tap the touchscreen to do the same in Handheld mode. Whether enjoyed in TV mode or on-the-go, The Eyes of Ara’s highly detailed environments invite players to interact and solve at their leisure.
The Eyes of Ara is available on the Nintendo Switch, joining the Windows PC, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. On Switch, The Eyes of Ara supports English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese languages.