‘The Riddle Of The Catacomb’ Now Available Via STEAM

Suitable to players of all ages and experience levels, the famed sidekick to Mr. Sherlock Holmes is in dire need of your help to solve the many puzzle challenges in The Riddle Of The Catacomb now available via STEAM™.

Doctor Watson: The Riddle Of The Catacomb invites you to an unforgettable adventure to exciting destinations full of riddles and puzzles. Navigate the wonderful 3D-scenes with beautiful graphics on your search for missing items and objects. Carefully examine locations in the game and attention to detail is critical. Look in drawers, inside objects, behind objects and do not forget to check out boxes and chests. On occasion, you are required to combine objects to discover new and important items. The evolving story and ongoing twists will surprise and impress the most seasoned adventurer on your journey with Doctor Watson to recover what was lost.


About This Game
Dr. Watson experiences in the new part of the successful “3D Hidden Object” games exciting adventures at amazing destinations. NEW: The Gameplay of the famous Hidden Object Games will be ported to 3rd dimension. Dr. Watson experiences his adventures in First-Person-View and moves himself through mysterious rooms, hiding-places or magical places where he has to find different objects to solve the mystery of the game.

All those scenes are also completely in 3D and there are many interactive objects. Thus you can search in drawers for objects, threw a vase from the shelf and have a look behind, or in boxes and chests. Somethimes you have to combine objects to find the required things. An exciting and running story and ongoing twists will take you through this fantasic world.

◾Completely in 3D

◾Great hidden object scenes

◾Additional mini-games

◾Exciting Story

◾Many Bonus Items