They Live to Destroy available on Gear VR

High Voltage Software, (Dragon Front, Damaged Core) released They Live to Destroy, a City Builder/Monster Battler, on an unsuspecting world to Gear VR in association with Oculus Studios.

Towering monsters besiege mankind in They Live to Destroy, a free mobile VR game presented in glorious 3D Atom-O-Vision! Construct your secret island lair, and then conquer all who have ever opposed you with nefarious alien technology and an army of unspeakable horrors.

• Create, upgrade, and personalize your own unique fiendish metropolis!
• Collect and control 40 unstoppable monstrosities!
• Raid and defend against opposition from around the globe for profit and glory!
• Photograph your monsters in action to document your cruel path to total world domination!

You control them, and… THEY LIVE TO DESTROY!