spaceBOUND, Early Access phase begins for puzzle-platformer

Gravity Whale Games launched its debut title spaceBOUND via Steam’s Early Access program. The game comes via Steam Greenlight and a successful supplementary fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.

spaceBOUND is a solo or co-op puzzle-platformer. Players control two astronauts who must overcome deadly obstacles and solve motion/physics-based puzzles in a zero-gravity environment. The catch? The astronauts have crash landed on an asteroid and have to share their oxygen via a tether. If one astronaut dies or the tether breaks, they both die.

Combining a brutal level of difficulty with retro 16-bit artwork and an intense and atmospheric soundtrack, spaceBOUND brings players back to an era of classic puzzle / platform games and asks them to cooperate in ways few other games do.

spaceBOUND’s Early Access build is fully-playable, missing only online co-op (included with full release). The game’s full version is expected to launch in late August. Gravity Whale Games decided on a short Early Access period to reward supporters and get broader player feedback.

spaceBOUND is available to download and play NOW on Windows, Mac, and Linux.