KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announced Phase 2 of the Epic Raid Dungeon has begun. Players can also look forward to balance changes, more items and events!

Elsword and the El Search Party reach the top of the forsaken castle’s ruins in Ancient Elian, having just survived Perkisas’s first trial. Enraged, the red dragon takes to the air and goes on another terrible rampage. The adventurers will need to do more than their own weapons are capable of, in order to take the furious beast down.

Perkisas Phase 2 changes the whole Perkisas Raid Boss encounter to a newer and more difficult level. Right from the start of the Phase, Perkisas charges at adventurers using a volley of new attacks such as map wide fire breathe that can only be dodged by hair, fireballs and dragon jaw snapping bites! Once the encounter progresses, players will encounter a change of pace as Perkisas takes to the air and attacks adventurers head on with a full hands and head encounter. Adventurers will need to dodge and get their hits in at the most opportune time.

During this phase, Perkisas not only fights on the ground, but also in the air. Perkisas will take to the air to reign down fireballs onto adventurers, while players will need to use the supplied balllista’s to do enough damage and stop his flight. Players who progress and do enough damage to qualify for Perkias Ranks, will be treated to rewards.

After the conclusion of Season 2 Character Revamps, KOG has applied the final touches on ALL characters by adjusting skills for an even and fair playing field in both Dungeons and PVP. The latest balance changes include modifications to skill traits to better reflect a more efficient utility, modifications to certain job skills that will put their classes in a better place than before making them stronger as well as some modifications to certain job skills of stronger classes tuning them down.