Angry Mob Games, an independent game development studio, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Toysburg, on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Guide your young toymaker on a quirky adventure to restore the imagination of the town’s kids. Using the arcane art of toy making, the player gives kids the chance to literally become their own favorite toys.

Toysburg manages comedy throughout the game by reflecting reality and turning it on its head: Kids become toys, and use their imagination to get through their own lives’ quests.

But the kids aren’t the only one with things to do: With a deep, mission-driven storyline, players are hooked into progressing through this free-to-play sandbox game.

“How do you create a free-to-play story-based adventure game? We moved away from traditional free-to-play mechanics, to create something truly fun, hilarious even, with a ton of personality and memorable characters” – Bogdan Iliesiu, CEO, Angry Mob Games

Toysburg is planned to release on iOS and Android, in January 2015.

Watch the Gameplay Trailer here:

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