New trailer Rising Islands revealed, release date announced

SOEDESCO Publishing and Lone Hero Studios revealed a gameplay trailer and announced the date of release: the 2nd of August.

The trailer shows you the hero, adventurer Hairo, doing what she does best; she’s fast as a bullet and always tries to find the fastest way to reach her goal. The game is suitable for all kinds of gamers. Speedrunners, completionists, and also casual players can test their reflexes and speed in Rising Islands.

Make your way through – as fast as you can!
Rising island is all about speed! You’ll control the adventurer Hairo, who will run, jump and grind her way through various levels in the three different worlds. There will be multiple ways to make your way through a level, but the challenge is to find the fastest way of all! Each level will keep track of your time, so speedrunners can easily compete with eachother to become the fastest Hairo of all.

You will notice that the colorful enviroment shows many red and blue patches. These are actually the two dimensions our hero can shift between! If Hairo is in the red dimension, she can walk and jump on the red platforms but will fall through the blue ones, and vice versa! The two dimensions aren’t just there to give you more paths to walk on, you might also get damaged by objects when you are in their dimensions! There is a lot to keep in mind when racing through the levels of Rising Islands; so getting the best time will be a serious challenge!

About Rising Islands
Long ago, Chaos and Discord ruled the land. Only the creation of the Relics by The Ancients brought Peace and Balance. Slowly but surely the world recovered from this era of Strife. But Evil is never truly defeated, and soon chaos will return to the lands and destroy the balance of the world. Only you, a young woman named Hairo, can save it. By using your special ability to shift between dimension you will combat the evil that is tearing the world apart.

◾WORLD SPLIT IN TWO – You are Hairo, a young adventurous woman who gains the ability to shift between dimensions.

◾GO WITH THE FLOW – Run on walls, dash over chasms and fly through the air.

◾A NEW ADVENTURE AWAITS – Travel through 13 levels located in grass-covered hills, snow-covered mountains and ancient ruins.

◾HUNT FOR SECRETS AND TREASURE – Explore every nook and cranny of the world and find all the secrets.

◾DEFEAT EVIL – Features fast-paced boss battles to defeat the evil force that has torn the world apart.

◾BE THE FASTEST – Get the High-score in the Time Trial Mode.