UK-based indie developer Lawrie’s Games Ltd., together with indie partner Reverb Triple XP, announced today a new title that is literally a blast to play. Trash TV gives gamers control of an animated tube television that uses various weapons, from sub-machineguns, shotguns, C4 explosives and more, to solve platforming puzzles. Combined with an old-school low-fidelity, art style complete UHF static transitions, Trash TV is a uniquely stylized 2D platform game coming to PC and Mac in January 2015.

Watch the first video trailer of Trash TV HERE:

“What started as a side project for fun became a true endeavor of love,” said Lawrence Russell, founder and sole developer at Lawrie Games, Ltd. “Trash TV began as a programming experiment for my own experience and now I get the opportunity to share this experience with gamers around the world.”

Players will take control of an outdated, cathode-ray tube television that was cast into a recycling center and has been animated to life with a single goal – to find the original remote control in order to become fully functional once again. Navigate through the perilous pathways of the recycling factory, avoid dangerous industrial engines and traps, and pick up various weapons of wicked destruction to use against haywire machines and solve puzzles through explosive solutions. Stylized background themes and an ambient soundscape adds to the unique “machine graveyard” setting of Trash TV.

A finalist of Intel’s “Level Up 2011” game development contest, Trash TV is slated to release in January 2015 for Windows PC and Mac platforms.

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