Treasure Raiders Launches on Google Play

Treasure Raiders is live and available for download worldwide on Google Play! Treasure Hunters is a game that combines the best of shooter, action, and RPG genres into a free to play mobile gaming experience. The iOS version is expected to also launch soon. Treasure Raiders features a humorous Japanese anime style, creating a world where ancient civilizations and sci-fi coexist. Search for treasure, go on wild chases, avoid traps, and face formidable bosses in your adventure. With a wide variety of levels and stages and tons of weapons and equipment, players will be continually tested as they team up to clear dungeons or battle others in PvP.

Players may download Treasure Raiders now from their regional Google Play store.

Weaponry is vital to success in Treasure Raiders, and the game features an elaborate system for customizing and upgrading your arsenal to suit your character’s style. The amount of attributes a character gains just by leveling up is limited, so equipment is the key to maximizing attribute values. Each character may equip one weapon and three outfit equipment which will greatly increase a character’s attributes. Three battle equipment slots are also available, which can increase battle potential, the standard for measuring a hunter’s actual strength depending on his or her character roles. Players obtain equipment by collecting fragments, and upon reaching a set level they may exchange the fragments for an advanced weapon that in turn allows access to Dungeon Raids where they can gather fragments for advanced equipment. Further weapon progression may be achieved via upgrades, embedding gems, recalibration, and infusion.

It is one of the most exciting times human history has ever known! With the awakening of Ancient Civilization Power, over the course of a single night this old planet on which we live produced countless treasures with mysterious powers. Humanity ushered in an era of chasing after dreams, expeditions and precious treasures. However, only true adventurers were able to get a glimpse of this other world, and they proudly declared themselves “Treasure Raiders.” However, seeking treasure comes with great risks, and ancient treasures contain dangerous powers that could threaten the peace of our world. With the aim of supporting Treasure Raiders and protecting their discoveries while safely acquiring more treasure, the Treasure Raiders Society was founded. The Society began registering and managing all the Treasure Raiders, and evaluating who were the strongest hunters. In time, they began dispatching hunters of their own.