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Tron-like arcade game SUPER PIXEL SMASH (Video)

Ever wanted to play games like Breakout or Arkanoid in VR? Now you can with SUPER PIXEL SMASH, which is launching on SteamVR in just 7 days.

Enter the fast-paced, neon-induced Super Pixel Smash league — where the Pixel Paddle and Gravity Gauntlet rule supreme. Smash a Digital Energy Orb into a destructible wall and chain combos together to earn a spot on the coveted Super Pixel Smash leaderboards — but be sure to maintain the orb’s momentum if you want to keep your combos alive. You must use the Gravity Gauntlet in your left hand to retrieve the orb when it slows down … or it’s over.

You can also target special bricks to trigger power-ups:

*   Point multipliers – Multiply your score
*   Orb multipliers – Adds additional Digital Energy Orbs to the arena for you to hit
*   Charged shots – Destroy multiple parts of the wall in one hit
*   Speed boosts – Increase the orb’s momentum

Meet score goals to unlock additional levels — each with different wall panels and challenges. Accumulate enough points and you’ll be granted access to a *special bonus room,* where all the walls are destructible — but be sure to avoid the dreaded red bricks and bouncing red balls: Hitting any of these will stop your ball dead in its tracks and put an end to epic combos.

*   Enjoy fast-paced, highly addictive, action-packed arcade-style gameplay.
*   Marvel at responsive and simple controls.
*   Earn totally gnarly charged power-ups.
*   Smash your way to the top of the leaderboards.
*   Travel back in time in a VR experience with rad retro ’80s-styled visuals.

Pricing & Availability
Super Pixel Smash will be available on SteamVR on January 25 for $4.79, 40% off the $7.99 retail price. The sale will end on the last day of the month (January 31) — one week after launch. The game requires an HTC Vive VR headset.