Save Goldie the Goldfish from a cadre of “hangry” birds in ARROWS & SPARROWS (Video)

Bit Craft Studios’ slingshot shooter ARROWS & SPARROWS is launching next Wednesday, Jan. 25.

In Arrows & Sparrows, mean birds circle the skies and soon spot their next meal: Goldie! Thankfully, you’re there to protect Goldie with your trusty crossbow. To shoot, all you have to do is tap and hold on the crossbow, aim in any direction, and let go. You only have five arrows, so make every shot count …

These fowl birds are ready to do whatever it takes to get Goldie by swooping down and grabbing her, dropping eggs to spawn even more birds, and even having birds act as decoys to shield their accomplices. Keep your eyes on the skies: the birds aren’t afraid to get their wings dirty, and will drop bombs on your bow!

Luckily, you can show them who’s boss by using their tricks against them:

*   Trigger bombs: Shoot down one of the bomb carrier birds and cause an explosive chain reaction.
*   Shoot eggs: Perfectly time your shot to clear an entire row of falling eggs.
*   Ricochet arrows: Get the most out of your arrows by ricocheting shots off birds and taking out multiple birds with one shot.

Each downed bird earns you feathers that can be used to buy the SuperShot, TriShot, and Bomb Shield power-ups. Use the Super-Shot power-up to fire flurries of arrows, use TriShot to shot three arrows at once, or protect yourself from bombs by using Bomb Shield. Don’t let any birds get away: The more birds you shoot down, the more feathers you earn.

With 20 challenging levels available for free, these pesky birds have plenty of chances to get their fill of Omega-3s. If that’s not enough, you can pay $0.99 and take them on in 60 more (80 total) pulse-pounding levels to ensure Goldie’s safety once and for all.

*   Save the fish from hungry birds. Shoot 3 birds with as few arrows as you can!
*   Turn the enemy’s attacks against them.
*   Create explosive chain reactions — and blast all the birds in one shot!
*   Choose from a large offering of power-ups.
*   Put your skills to the test and teach those “meanie” birds a lesson!

Arrows & Sparrows will be available on the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore Wednesday, Jan. 25. The game will be free with in-app purchases — and 20 levels can be played from the get-go. Players can also opt to unlock all 80 levels for only $0.99. In-app purchases can be used to buy feathers to unlock the TriShot, SuperShot, and Bomb Shield power-ups.