BUSTED!: Dodge Dad, Save Anime Girls – Now on Mac (Video)

Now Mac users too can try to dodge Dad and uncensor anime girls in BUSTED! from Silver Cow Studio

BUSTED!’s unique blend of intense, semi-roguelike survival and clicker is now available for OS X users to challenge after today’s update adding support for the Mac platform. Players will have to rely on wits and instinct to avoid Dad’s ominous stare, as they try to uncensor the anime girls on their in-game computer without getting caught!

Dad will use any means at his disposal to bust players, whether it’s peeking inside the door or watching from his office on a surveillance camera, and he’ll step up the pressure over the course of five increasingly difficult days. Players are safe if they’re viewing an in-game word processor or art program while Dad’s in the room, but if Dad spots them clicking away at an anime picture… they’re “BUSTED!”

BUSTED!‘s challenging difficulty makes for exciting, tense gameplay that will keep players coming back for more, no matter how many times they’re caught. As a bonus, persistent players who perfect their Dad-dodging deftness can unlock hidden extras and even a secret mode. Game distribution is currently via Steam, with bonus content as well as support for mobile platforms planned for updates in the near future.