‘Nyan-Jelly ~ Get & Float’ (iOS) Receives Update 1.0.4

Pine Village Inc. is pleased to announce that their family friendly game Nyan-Jelly ~ Get & Float gets an all new level.

Nyan-Jelly ~ Get & Float is the fast paced iOS game for iPhone and iPad, playable in either single player or multi-player modes. Uniquely Japanese in style and gameplay, this is the latest in a number of significant updates the game has received since is was originally launched in September 2014.

The Nyan-Jelly are aliens from the planet ‘Nyan-Jelly’ and are a mixture of cat and jellyfish (…of course). Having landed on Earth and living at the bottom of the ocean for many decades, they decide to visit the surface.

Only with some fast thinking and even fast fingers will you be able to avoid all the waiting dangers and help Nyan-Jelly’s friends float to the surface.

•Over 50 different characters
•Leaderboards showing the fastest times to the surface from around the world.
•Decorate your Nyan-Jelly and show it off to your friends through your SNS!
•Multiple in-App Purchases:
More information about the game:
•Title: Nyan-Jelly ~ Get & Float
•Format: iOS – iPhone and iPad
•Players: Multi-player
•Developer: Tachyon Inc.
•Publisher: Pine Village Inc.
•SRP: Free to play with in-App purchases
•Buy the game: Apple App Store