Hangry Giants for iOS – a fun and effective remedy for the symptoms of boredom!

A pack of ugly, brutish giants on the horizon. Every footstep shakes the earth. If they reach the castle we’ll all get eaten. Quick, it’s up to you!

Your SHRINKY spell has three charges left. TAP! TAP! TAP! Three of the giants deflate like balloons and scurry to safety. Hah, take that! Only six left – but they’re getting close.

The WINDY spell could push them away, give you more time, only it’s not quite energized. Hurry. Every card in your hand needs to match a symbol, and matching a full line releases energy. Just one more line and WINDY will be all juiced up.

One match…two…three. So far, so good. You have everything except – damn! – you’re missing a Diamond. You trade for a new card, drawn at random.

Circle. No help. A giant raises his foot at the edge of your territory. Defeat is moments away. Trade again! NOW, NOW!

YES!! The Diamond appears, the line matches, and WINDY is ready! With another TAP you unleash a mighty gale that scatters the giants back to the horizon.

Whew. You’re safe again – for now.

Quick wits and quicker tapping are your only hope against waves of hungry, angry giants! Hangry Giants is the world’s first Puzzle-Power Defense game. Move, match, and trade cards at lightning speed to juice up mighty winds, shrink rays, explosions, and more.

Now available worldwide for iOS (newer devices only).

A Game from Unidonk (aka Matthew Sieber)

Hangry Giants is the first game from Unidonk, a one-hero development shack located deep in the misty woods of Vancouver Island, Canada.

Unidonk games are designed to fill the little pockets of boredom in your day with joy. Plus, we love to find new ways of entertaining players in today’s over-saturated casual games market.

“It’s been huge fun watching people fall in love with Hangry Giants,” says Matthew Sieber of Unidonk Games. “I mean, it’s my first game. I knew people would play it just to humor me and help out. But you know what? It’s out now, it’s done, and I’ve still got friends all glassy-eyed with their iPhones trying to beat level 24 or whatever. It’s amazing.”

“But it makes sense. Hangry Giants is intense. Time flies, it’s just you and the game. It’s this little escape hatch in your back pocket, and that’s exactly what I wanted to give people.”

“So I know when people love this game, they REALLY love it. I hope you’re one of them!”