TrulySocial Launching New Dating Game Flirt Planet Play for iPad

Finding your one true love can be challenging, but TrulySocial wants to make sure you stay ahead of the dating curve with the launch of Flirt Planet Play for your iPad® and iPad mini®.

You’ll assume the role of an alien in human form as you learn how to interact, flirt and talk to human beings. With easy connectivity through your Facebook account, you can work on your dating and communication skills wherever you go. You will enter the world of ‘Flirtual Reality’, where you can hone your conversation and flirting skills to help you meet the person of your dreams in TrulySocial’s digital dating app Flirt Planet Meet.

In Flirt Planet Play, players can create their own unique avatar, customizing their body, face, hair, clothing and accessories to increase their chances of attracting a mate. As users progress through the game, they’ll unlock new wardrobes, accessories and items. Those looking for love are given goals by their ‘dating adviser,’ who keeps track of the choices the player makes. The more goals they complete, the more awards they’ll achieve. It’s like having your own virtual dating mentor.

With more than 90,000 lines of dialogue, player interactions can go in more than 250 different directions depending on the conversation choices they make. Your in-game personality is determined by how well you get along with different AI character personality types. Some characters require more work to build attraction, thus creating greater challenges. As you explore Flirt Planet Play’s 3-D environments, you’ll discover new shops, restaurants and romantic dating locales in the ever-expanding city of “Flirtopia”, including a cozy French café, or a ski lodge in the Alps.

All of the player’s interactions, goals and achievements are used to build their personality profile, which is then used toward finding a real-life partner in Flirt Planet Meet. If your social skills need work, Flirt Planet Play is designed to help you overcome the daunting challenge of trying to find the one who is right for you. It’s a fun, flirty and romantic way to learn the dos and don’ts of the first steps to dating.

Flirt Planet Play is available now as a free download (with optional in-app purchases) to your iPad or iPad Mini. iPhone and Android versions are coming at a future date. The game is open to everyone 18 years and older.

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