UFHO2 has been released for iPad and desktop platforms

Italian studio Tiny Colossus is pleased to announce that the turn-based strategy game UFHO2 has been released for iPad and PC, Mac and Linux.

Tiny Colossus wants to invite all journalists to try the game, and we can provide promo codes for the iPad, or keys to download the game from Desura or the Humble Store.

About UFHO2
UFHO2 is a competitive turn-based game of wits. The gameplay revolves around moving on a board that represents a maze-like UFO, where rooms are interconnected and can be rotated to create or destroy paths. The goal is to get to some Gems in specific rooms before the opponent does.

Players only have 2 basic actions (move, rotate), but the interaction with the board and the other player, the addition of powerups and character powers, they all can work together to create complex, super strategic, and unforgettable matches.

The game has been funded on Kickstarter back in 2012 and, after being in development for a long and rough time, has found its way onto the App Store for iPad, and on Desura and the Humble Store for all desktop platforms.

UFHO2 features a Single Player campaign with about 30 matches, the possibility to play Local Multiplayer up to 4 on the same machine or device. There’s also an Online Multiplayer mode in the works, that will allow players to challenge each other even cross-platform.

The game features 10 different alien races to unlock, each one with its own in-game power. 6 of these are from other indie games (World of Goo, Super Crate Box, Bit.Trip, Blocks That Matter, Gish, Cortex Command).

Here’s a trailer with the game in motion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwLMtkALVZg

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