Unclaimed World goes gold, exits Early Access (Video)

We, Refactored Games, are happy to announce that our sci-fi colony sim Unclaimed World has now left Early Access with version 1.0!

With the release version we add a new map, called MUCKROOT MINING SITE.

In this large, open-ended map you start off with a mining crew who are extracting rare-earth metals in an alien landscape, while fortifying against the ferocious ‘swarmer quadites’ that live there. Your mining crew are free to settle on the nearby grasslands and switch to farming, fishing and trading, attempting to draw in people from the neighbor sites. They will use a mix of advanced and primitive technology.

For the full release version we want to continue adding content and fixes as long as it’s possible for us.

​What is Unclaimed World?
Genre: Hard sci-fi, colony sim game where you manage settlements on an alien planet.

Platform: Single player game for Windows PC

Indirect control – the colonists are free and have a democratic society. Dissatisfied people can either leave or vote for improving their colony: Only if you have ambitious inhabitants will you access more advanced technology and develop a camp into a comfortable town.
-Realistic sci-fi, pioneer setting
-Simulation of alien nature, human needs and frontier community
-Detailed, flexible crafting
Several open-ended tutorials and scenarios introduce you to the game’s setting and mechanics and make you ready to tackle the open-ended maps where you build a settlement from scratch, starting with a small expedition specialized for either hunting, farming or fishing.