Upside-Down Dimensions available on Steam early access – July 28, 2017

KISS Ltd and Hydra Interactive Entertainment are pleased to announce that their oriental, genre shredding paper adventure will be going into Steam early access on July 28, 2017. Upside-Down Dimensions is a stunning and unique game that combines action, hack n slash, RPG, stealth, platform and co-op puzzles to create a truly remarkable experience.

A peaceful and colourful paper world is about to be torn apart as hordes of evil are preparing to make their last stand in the final attempt to bring ruin to this tranquil kingdom. In their way are two plucky paper heroes, a boy and a girl. Play as the two characters separated into different dimensions as you flip between these worlds to battle the villainous Dark Shogun and his minions.

Step into a world that’s been fractured in two as you use your wits, agility and samurai sword to turn fearsome Japanese warriors into heaps of confetti. Summon the power of magical origami powerups and allies to help defeat and overcome evil forever.

“With Upside-Down dimensions we wanted to craft a game that was unlike any other, both visually, and in terms of gameplay.” said Daniel Parente, CEO and Game Director at Hydra Interactive Entertainment, “Whilst the delicate paper world we created is beautiful to look at, it masks an extremely challenging and complex game.”