Fractured State into Early Access and unto the masses this July (Video)

GPAC, LLC is excited to finally unleash the news that it has been working with the amazing team Mechanical Monocle to bring their first game, Fractured State, into Early Access and unto the masses this July.

Fractured State refines the RTS genre into fast-paced strategic urban combat where the machine driven imperialistic faction of the Laperian Imperial Army battle to remain in control against the Children of the Ancients, worshipers and masters of an ancient power. Choose a side then vie for control of each territory where taking over new buildings gives tactical advantage, provides the ability to recruit more specialized units and army wide bonuses, as well as impart overall dominance of the area.

Doing away with overly complex micromanagement and mass resource gathering, Fractured State focuses on battle strategies in an urban environment. The only real resources you must manage are your troops, building occupation and time. Each specialized unit requires a specific amount of time to prepare to enter the fray and each building you take control of determines map population, recruitment options and territorial control.

Created by modders for modders, Fractured State is being built from the ground up to embrace the modding community by focusing on mod-friendly design options throughout development.

In a land engulfed in a brutal civil war split between technical advancement and ancient ways, magic and machines, oppression and rebellion – which side will you choose in this fractured state?

Early Access Features
• 4 Playable Maps – a 2 Player, 4 Player, 6 Player and 8 Player Map
• LAN and Online Multiplayer
• 4 Unique Units per faction – Children of the Ancients: Knight, Ancient Fist, Warden and Vicar, Laperian: Conscript, Grenadier, Transport & Surgeon
• Simple Mod Loading Support
• Open area, Occupied Structure and Cover Based Combat

Future Features to Include
•Additional Unit Types: Breach Units, Snipers, Zeppelins, Jump Gates, Tanks and Golems
•More Maps
•Campaign Mode
•Steam Workshop Integration
•Lore Library
•Regicide Game Mode
•Host Migration for Online Multiplayer
•Replay with Camera Control

Fractured State is planned to enter in Steam Early Access by mid-July for Windows PC with Mac and Linux versions to follow later in development. Price and dates to be announced.