Vegas Aces – High Stakes, the poker puzzle mobile game is now available for Android and iOS

TOAST, the mobile publishing branch of NHN Entertainment, is proud to publish San Francisco indie developer Enders Fund’s Vegas Aces – High Stakes With Enders Fund’s superb puzzle design experience and TOAST’s publishing expertise, Vegas Aces is set to climb the App Store rankings with its beautiful characters, brilliant design, and mysterious storyline.

Vegas Aces is the perfect starting point for puzzle players looking for an extra challenge, and the card sharks who never learned the basics of poker. For the first few matches, your mentor, Penelope walks the players gently through pairs, three of a kind, flushes… Before long you’ll be crushing pros at each tournament with connected Full Houses and the end-all Royal Flush. Collect bombs and power-ups to add some extra flashy flare to each tournament win!


■ Key Facts
•Title: Vegas Aces – High Stakes
•Genre: Puzzle, Casino
•OS: Android, iOS (6/18/2016)
•Pricing: Free (in-app purchase)
•Audience: Connect Puzzle Fans / Poker Players
•Developer: Enders Fund
•Publisher: NHN Entertainment USA, Inc.

■ Key Features
•Start your poker puzzle journey in the United States’ best casinos in Reno, AC, and Vegas!
•The stakes are high as you and Penelope meet more fascinating and potentially dangerous characters on the way to discover who murdered your brother.
•Plan out each move in this unique poker-swiping puzzle game.
•Connect the cards and solve each complicated cross-country puzzle!
•If you know your poker hands, you’re on your way to become a Vegas Ace!

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