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VR, PC Adventure-Platformer, Marble Mountain, Now Available (Video)

Marble Mountain, the third-person adventure platformer by Lightning Rock, is now available on Steam as a launch title for the HTC Vive. In addition to supporting the Oculus Rift, the Indiana Jones-style adventure is compatible with standard monitors for Windows, Mac and Linux.

With 25 aesthetically-distinct levels, each stage introduces a new environment filled with exciting obstacles and brain-teasing puzzles. Challenges include running from scorching rivers of lava, dodging razor-sharp blades and racing downhill on a mine cart.

While competitive players can compete for the fastest time to top the online leaderboard, explorers and completionists can search for hidden cosmetic items. Collectible hats and gold tokens called “Aurums” can be found throughout the adventure. Successfully collecting all of the Aurums in a level will reveal new marble skins.

Lightning Rock was inspired by retro classics including Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball, but also drew inspiration from classic films like The Goonies for Marble Mountain’s cinematic action.

Intuitive controls and a minimal UI make it easy for anyone to dive right into the action. When using VR the camera moves with a simple head turn. In VR and traditional monitors players control their marble with a keyboard or controller.
“Whether you grew up on Marble Madness or are intrigued by vivid landscapes and thrilling set pieces, Marble Mountain welcomes all players to a new perspective of platforming through the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift,” said Shannon Pickles, producer, Lightning Rock. “We’ve invited gamers of all experience levels to brave Marble Mountains’ soaring heights and tricky traps in virtual reality, and we’ve seen a consistent reaction once they take off the headset; they walk away smiling.”

While most marbles spend their days crashing into each other and waiting for humans to flick them, Marble Mountain’s protagonist takes the initiative to carve its own path. Facing steep descents and perilous traps, our leading marble weaves through danger in pursuit of a grand treasure waiting at the looming peak of Marble Mountain.


“It’s fantastic. It’s well balanced, it controls well, the ability to move my head and explore where I’m about to go is invaluable.”

“I found Marble Mountain to be one of the most oddly relaxing and effective VR experiences yet”
PC Gamer

About This Game
Marble Mountain combines the retro game play of Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball with the cinematic experience of Indiana Jones to deliver an exciting adventure anyone can enjoy, but with depth for gamers to master. Balance, roll and puzzle your way through increasingly difficult levels on your way to the top of the mountain.

Most Marble’s spend their days drunkenly smashing into each other or hide in constant fear that the finger of god will come along and flick them. However once in a great while there comes a Marble who is brave enough to leave town and seek glory by traversing to the top of the Mountain and seek the treasure every Marble knows to be there!

An Epic Journey – balance at precarious heights and navigate treacherous environments on your quest to the top of the mountain to return the stolen treasures from the temple

◾Tricks, Traps and Treasure – dodge deadly Mettalan cubes, solve puzzles and collect all the gold aurums you can find!

◾Amazing Handcrafted Levels – traverse increasingly difficult levels with rolling green hills, spooky graveyards, ancient temples, unforgiving volcanoes, dry deserts, sky-high mountain tops, snow-capped summits and dangerous cliffs

◾Thrilling Adventure – avoid massive boulders, flee oncoming avalanches, and tumble down titanic waterfalls

◾Play it your way – take it slow, enjoy the sceney, and explore every optional path. Or speed run every level and compete in the global leaderboards

◾Collect them all – new Marble skins can be unlocked in every level as well as a variety of nifty hats. Are you up to the challenge?

◾Immerse yourself – put on your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset and enjoy the third person perspective. Peek around the corner, survey the panoramic levels, or push your boundaries and look straight down into the foggy depths of the mountain (please note the game play experience is not compromised for non-VR gamers)

◾Recommended use of Game Controller

◾Available on PC, Mac and Linux

◾Full VR Support without comprimisng non-VR gamers

◾Steam achievements, trading cards and leader boards