Marble Mountain celebrates its first major update with a 50% off sale!

The popular and challenging 3D blend of adventure, puzzles and action has just released its first major update. After a lot of feedback around the difficulty we have decided that the journey of our little Marble is much more important than reaching the end. So we have decided that the full version of the game will automatically unlock every level! Want to head straight to the final level go ahead! Having problems with level 7? try 9 instead.

Have a read of our article here that discusses the journey of Marble Mountain and the reason we made this decision.

As an added bonus until the end of January upgrade to the full version of Marble Mountain at 50% off

What are you waiting for, go try it now

Available on Android, IOS and Windows Phone

‘One of the most engaging games I’ve yet to encounter for iOS’

‘the game’s simplicity is endlessly addictive without being monotonous’

‘its the type of game thats hard to put down…’

‘some of the best level design…. I’ve seen in some time’

‘essentially Marble Madness on steroids wearing a Mario hat’


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