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Tentacles: Enter the Mind Gets Major Windows Phone Update

Today, Press Play released their first major update to Windows Phone hit Tentacles: Enter the Mind.

The update includes a new competitive survival mode. The objective is simple – Stay alive for as long as you can, with no chance of restocking ammo and health on the way. The level design changes daily, meaning everyone that day will play through the same challenges for 24 hours, before a new design is seeded the next day. There are also a number of small enhancements and improvements.

“We started competing in Tentacles internally. The more we played around with it, the clearer the need for a competitive game mode became. We all like beating our friends, don’t we?” remarked, Ole Teglbjærg, Creative Director of Tentacles.
The second major update is shared tombstones. Now players can pick up their friends’ tombstones. “This was actually always the intention. I like seeing where my friends died inside Tentacles!”

Tentacles: Enter the Mind is free on Windows Phone and Windows 8.

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