DEFENDER OF LIGHT: Defend the world from the invading demon hordes.

The darkness is coming. Demons lurk in the shadows, they move swift and strike hard. You are the only thing standing in their way. Are you up for it?

In this action-packed defender game, you take on the role of an everyday guy, given extraordinary powers and abilities by a lighting storm. Play by touching the screen in the direction of oncoming enemies, in order to fire blast of light toward them. Keep them away from your force field, as destroying it results in instant death. Access the quick-menu to cast one of six unlock-able abilities, designed to aid in you on the battlefield. Upgrade your powers and abilities with XP, gained by slaying demons.

Stages grow harder, more complex and even darker. That’s right, soon you’ll find yourself fighting in complete darkness. Though all is not lost, you, are the Defender Of Light!

Android – 22 Dec 2014 (Play Store)
iOS – 2015 (App Store)

Red Splat Games was founded in 2014 by David Mulder(Creator/Programmer/Designer). The goal of the company is to provide the gaming community with unique experiences.




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