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Nico & Draco, it’s bath time

Nico and Draco’s adventures keep going on a second chapter full of surprises and fun

A few months ago, the newly formed couple of Nico and Draco promised to go back with new adventures. Since today, such promise is a reality with Nico & Draco: bath time, the second part of this interactive storybooks series. Available on iTunes and Google Play, this educational app will teach to the little ones the importance of hygiene and responsibility. On this chapter, Nico has to take responsibility for Draco and, after staying for hours on the forest and being covered with mud, Nico realizes that it’s time for Draco to take his first bath; but it won’t be easy

In this way, the children’s author Victoria Pérez Escrivà and G4M3 Studios keep going together on value education through interactive storybooks. Nico & Draco: bath time has 8 scenes where kids can interact with objects and move the story forward by playing the 7 minigames, where they can join figures, crush flies, make soap-bubbles… All of that while they practice reading, acquire new vocabulary, learn Spanish and understand that having a pet means taking care of it.

Learning can be really fun:

Nico & Draco: bath time doesn’t forget that having fun is the best way to learn. Therefore, it teaches the littlest one not only the importance of hygiene, but also Spanish and new English vocabulary. So, the tale can be listened and read on both, English and Spanish, or can be configured as you want: read it in English and listen to it in Spanish or the other way around.

•Written by the awarded Spanish writer Victoria Pérez Escrivà
•Bilingual storybook
•Voices and texts on both, English and Spanish.
•7 educational games for kids
•8 animated scenes
•An story about hygiene and responsibility
•Targeted specially to kids from 3 to 6 years
•Designed with the help of a psychologist specialized on digital education

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