VRNinja Storms Onto Steam Today! (Video)

Publisher MADSOFT Games, inc. and developer OutOfBounds Software Solutions Inc. (OOB) are happy to announce that their virtual reality game, VRNinja, has released on Steam for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive!

VRNinja is an arcade-infused, virtual reality ninja training game with two fast-paced modes of play and three beautiful Japanese-inspired environments to enjoy. In VRNinja, you well need to duck, dodge, and dip past a storm of flying ninja weaponry using your keen senses and killer reflexes to survive. With its quick gameplay and intuitive controls, VRNinja makes for an excellent party game for groups of all skill levels and VR experience.


Pick Up And Play Controls: There are few movements as natural to humans as the instinct to dodge when something is flying at your face. VRNinja makes the most of this by only requiring a VR headset to play; no additional peripherals or controllers required!

Two Modes of Play: In Campaign Mode, you will be pitted against increasingly difficult waves of projectiles as you advance through the game’s three unique environments. Complete each area to unlock it in the tremendously challenging and endless Arcade Mode!

Three Beautiful Japanese-Inspired Levels: Explore the peaceful Dojo, the steamy Hot Springs, and the spooky Nighttime levels! Each new area you discover introduces a new distraction that will test your observational skills and focus.
Four Ninjutsu Weapons To Avoid: Quickly identify the patterns of incoming projectiles to survive! Each weapon has its own trajectory, whether it’s the straight-flying Kunai, the swirling and twirling Rockets, or the curving Shuriken. On top of the basic projectiles, you’ll also have to contend with the deadly Kunai Bombs. When their timer hits zero, they’ll explode and shower you with Kunai!
Super Slow-Mo Ramen Power: Feeling overwhelmed? Take a break and slow down time by catching a flying bowl of ramen! This power-up is only temporary though – make sure you’re ready once the knives start flying!