Positech Games is pleased to announce that the follow up to 100,000 plus selling Gratuitous Space Battles is available from today on open beta. Unsurprisingly named Gratuitous Space Battles 2, this new title once more does away with all the long winded base building and delays found in other strategy/management/simulation space-based games. Simply construct your ships from modular components, arrange them into fleets, give them orders and then sit back, watch the laser beams fly, hulls explode and hopefully win the day – or is that night, hard to tell in space.

A sequel wouldn’t be a sequel without a heap of new stuff and GSB2 doesn’t disappoint. Head of Positech Games and its lead (only) programmer, Cliff Harris, has been listening to what players of the original game loved and didn’t love so much plus what they would like to see in a follow-up. Here’s what’s been added:

– Designer ships – No two cruisers need ever look the same again thanks to the in-built visual ship-editor; design your ships your way and then show them off in online battles

– Presented in glorious technicolor – Brand new built from scratch purpose built graphics engine makes the action look 100% better*

– More ships – Choose from a number of new ship classes

– Expand your horizons – Built-in and easy to use multi monitor support

– Mods rule – Easy to edit text and CSV files readily available

– Keep in line – Pre-set formation orders now retain their shape regardless of number of ships lost

– Give us a lift – Carriers are now required to transport all fighters into the battlefield

– Fill me up – Fighters now have limited fuel and need to refuel at their parent carrier

Gratuitous Space Battles 2’s open beta is available now for PC from http://www.gratuitousspacebattles2.com/register.html for 500 Martian Kriptogs or in earth money $24.95USD, that’s about £16.50. Those purchasing now will receive access to the beta plus a Steam key for the full release that will also see Mac and Linux versions plus additional languages added.
•See for yourself by checking out GSB2’s trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0-4MaXkX90.

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