Do Crazy Stunts With Funny Planes In Action-Packed Retro Wings Now Released On iOS® & Updated On AndroidTM

Retro-Inspired Vintage Side-Scroller Offers A Super Cool Gameplay Experience!

Published and produced by Bangkok-based indie developer arkavis, action-packed Retro Wings is updated on Android™ and takes to the skies on iOS®, offering a cargo full of hilarious pilots, crazy planes, and insanely hard worlds to complete. Available as a FREE download offering in-game upgrades and super cool extras, Retro Wings is a challenging arcade game sprinkled with humor and packed full of fun.

Watch The Amazing Trailer:

In Retro Wings you are a brave pilot and it is your mission to maneuver your plane to the end of each level by surviving a seemingly endless amount of tricky obstacles in a series of dangerous worlds. Sounds easy? It’s not! Retro Wings is ultra-hard, as each level is packed full of crazy obstacles, blocking your way. You are hereby invited to take to the skies, and invited to show off your skills by doing crazy loops and perform breathtaking stunts. Watch out for the ultra-sharp blades blocking your path, and stay away from the pulsating lasers.

Retro Wings includes two unique gameplay modes offering level-based flying and endless survival-action flying. Each world contains unique collectibles that improve your overall ranking the more you collect. By collecting coins that are scattered throughout each world, you gain access to new levels, better planes, and access to world-specific items and extended play. Additional coin-packs are available in the games built-in store.

Retro Wings contains plenty of fun; 12 pixelated worlds, 20 well-known characters to play, 50 achievements, and a world map with more than 70 challenging levels. Each world contains an additional survival mode, and new planes such as Deepo and Icebear Bobo, characters from other games of arkavis, has just been included with the latest version. Go airborne today!

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