World of Blood RPG Series launches for iPhone

The World of Blood RPG series (, a set of 4 popular social games, launches for iPhone this week. In each game, players complete quests to earn gold, items, and experience as they advance their characters through hundreds of stages. Based upon traditional text-based Dungeons & Dragons RPG games, the World of Blood features additional graphics and social interaction with other players in massive multiplayer fashion. Players build alliances together and can find both old and new friends in the game.

The World of Blood originally launched for Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace to massive popularity with over a million users. The games were developed by Patrick Shyu, an indie app developer (who also built the web-game Human Pets and timelapse-tool Panolapse).

Each game is built around a different theme, featuring intricate plot-driven stories that weave together hundreds of locations and missions.

With the iPhone platform comes new content and features. Utilizing the phone camera, players can customize profile photos for their characters. Integrating the Apple GameCenter, players compete for rankings among various leaderboards and can find their friends. Notifications provide instant reports on battles and messages with other players.

Download the games now to join in on the bloody fun.

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