World’s Biggest Wordsearch gets an upgrade!

AppyNation and Supersonic Software today unveiled a major new update for their hit mobile puzzle game World’s Biggest Wordsearch, available to download free from iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon AppStore.

The new update gives World’s Biggest Wordsearch a complete visual makeover. The word grid has been redesigned for maximum readability, with five colour schemes to choose from, and every element of the interface has been made brighter, clearer and quicker to navigate.

Every puzzle in the game now has a ‘cover photo’, making it easy for players to browse for topics that pique their interest, and with over 350 puzzles to choose from there’s something for everyone.

Improvements have also been made to the Quick Puzzle, an additional grid of 100 puzzles for shorter playing sessions, which can be unlocked with a single one-time purchase.

Finally, the new Mystery Words feature adds an element of detective work to the game. Certain clues in the puzzle now have most of their letters obscured, and players must use the theme of the puzzle to deduce the clue and then find it in the grid.

AppyNation originally launched World’s Biggest Wordsearch in 2013. The idea was simple – to give mobile players more puzzles, more fun and better value than they could find in conventional printed puzzle books.

Following the success of World’s Biggest Wordsearch the range has been expanded with four additional World’s Biggest titles (Crossword, Picture Cross, Jigsaw and Sudoku) with further titles planned.

Now two years and millions of downloads later, the World’s Biggest series has established itself as the first choice for smartphone and tablet users seeking to play the puzzles they know and love.
Product details
Title: World’s Biggest Wordsearch
Publisher: AppyNation
Format: iOS (Universal), Android, Kindle Fire/Fire Phone
Price: Free
Available: 06/08/2015


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