Independent social and mobile game developer and publisher Realore Games today announced the official launch of its latest free-to-play title Divine Academy, a strategy simulation with a Greek mythology theme. Soft launched in July, the game is now available worldwide for Apple devices on iOS, with subsequent platforms in development.

Set at a university for deities in training, players learn to cast spells and make miracles to help and defend their worshippers while growing their village into a metropolis. Zeus, Athena, Hercules and more guide player’s education, but not without trying to involve them with their personal agendas. Divine Academy combines strategy with city building god-simulation game play and resource management to deliver an original entertainment experience.

“At Realore, we put a lot of heart into our games. We’re always looking for that perfect combination of intuitive and addictive game play, relatable characters, and engaging themes,” said Natalia Matveeva, co-founder and head of business development at Realore. “Divine Academy has the challenge, open-ended sandbox play and humor that keeps people playing. We’ve seen 50 percent retention since July.”

Key Features include:
· Learn from deities and become one of them;
· Build a safe and prosperous metropolis;
· Construct beautiful buildings and explore ruins in the southern Mediterranean;
· Cast spells to benefit and protect your followers;
· Unlock dozens of miracles, then cast them with one touch;
· Proprietary multiplatform engine enables play across multiple devices;
· Connect with friends via Facebook or play with them via Game Center.

An early pioneer in free-to-play game development in the Baltic region and completely self-funded, Realore has more than 13 years of experience, profitability, and a diverse portfolio of games. In addition to Divine Academy, the Company is expected to release three other titles in the coming weeks.

“Realore’s been able to stay flexible and evolve along with the industry, due in large part to being a self-reliant company,” said Matveeva. “We utilize our own proprietary multi-platform engine and analytics, which enables us to port games more quickly and cost-effectively; we’re completely self-funded; and we have a tight-knit creative development team motivated to deliver quality and fun.”

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