Friends Don’t Let Friends Prep Alone: play2prep Officially Launches Standardized Test Prep Game

play2prep has tackled the chore of SAT and ACT prep by officially launching its multiplayer mobile game for iOS and Android. After an initial soft launch, the New York-based startup has released the first and only SAT and ACT test prep game played against friends. play2prep has partnered with leading educational publishers to give students access to questions just like those on the real tests, which they can use to challenge their peers. Now, preparing for these critical assessments can be as enjoyable as playing a game against friends.

Each year, millions of high school students suffer through the lonely, stressful, and expensive burden of college admissions test prep. play2prep’s free game with optional in-app purchases aims to be a more engaging educational tool for the high-stakes SAT and ACT. Offering the same high-quality, rigorous questions found in leading test prep books, the game encourages students with free daily practice questions and one-on-one games against friends. By using advanced algorithms, play2prep tailors questions to each student’s individual needs, addressing critical gaps in understanding. Results are then displayed on the student’s confidential dashboard. play2prep empowers students to learn test-taking strategies, gain confidence and improve their scores, turning test prep into a rewarding, social experience.

play2prep features:
•Two-player gameplay that allows students to play one-on-one, turn-based games against friends and other players in the play2prep community.
•Single-player gameplay lets students practice with free daily questions, all tailored to each student’s individual needs.
•My Skills dashboard, a player’s confidential display of results by test, section and skill.
•Optional push notifications encouraging students to challenge themselves and their peers, building a daily habit of positive behavior.
•Power-ups, animations and sound effects that create a fun and addicting atmosphere.
“For decades, the test prep process has been a solitary, unpleasant and expensive chore,” said Kenny Nova, founder of play2prep. “By creating a rigorous and accessible social game for students, we’re attempting to dramatically lower the barrier to entry for expensive test prep. We’re proud that the game is making test prep a lot more engaging and student-friendly. The game is designed for students to play on their mobile devices, so with teens’ busy schedules, they can turn time spent on their phones into valuable prep time.”

play2prep’s SAT and ACT prep game is the first from the company.

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