X-Tactics a Unique Location-based Tactical RPG has launched! Are you ready to protect your town?

X-Tactics, the location based tactical RPG by GAMKIN Inc. is now available for Android (iOS coming soon).

ABOUT X-TACTICS (“Cross-Tactics”):

X-Tactics is an episodic tactical RPG, which blends tactical and fighting game mechanics for a fresh take on the genre; and also offers an online collaborative urban exploration sandbox experience to players, by leveraging GPS and other real world data streams.

Taking place in a world where top-secret government agencies and secret societies, maintain the world order, X-Tactics puts players in command of a ragtag cast of secret agents, adventurers, and treasure hunters, risking their lives to keep the truth in check. Wrapped in dark humour and a stylish anime punk art style, X-Tactics brings a new twist to modern conspiracy theories and urban legends, by placing the player in the shoes of those that know, and manipulate, the truth to maintain the peace and civil order.

X-Tactics was crowdfunded through Indiegogo!

Action packed turn based tactical combat Real world location and data affect in-game battle conditions Unique characters with powerful tactical and combat abilities Challenge other players for control of real world “turf”
Epic soundtrack
Hundreds of unique challenging levels

Synchronous PvP
Crafting system
Co-op play