Because Zombies Launches On IOS Today!

Ben Hindle, who has worked on such titles as Jade Empire, and Mass Effect, played almost every role in his new game studio, DoubleSmoked Software. “I can’t believe this day has actually come” he said, “So much work went into this game! I’m really excited to have the general public play it! It’s been quite a journey”

Players in Because Zombies will follow John, a scientist who has awoken on the top of a building in the wreckage of a terrible helicopter crash. What he finds when he wakes up is a city whose citizens have been turned into mindless zombies. As the grogginess from his head injury fades, he remembers that he was in the helicopter to be reunited with his daughter, who is at the top of a tall tower in the center of the city. John must make his way through the zombie-infested city to get to the tower!

Along the way players will need to defend John from the undead population. Machine guns, poison gas tanks, metal barricades, attack dogs and C4 time bombs are just a few of the items he will collect. Players will meet other survivors of the accident along the way, and have the ability to team up. They will need to work together against groups of zombies with many different abilities. Some are weak but very fast, others are slow and covered with body armour. Players will need to come up with innovative defenses that will keep John alive.

With console-style graphics and a moody atmospheric setting Because Zombies mixes fun bite sized chunks of gameplay with an epic story players will love!


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