The adrenaline pumped high-rise skateboarding endless runner, Skyline Skaters, is now available on Android!

Now Android users can get in on the adrenaline-fueled endless runner fun that over 6 million players throughout the world have already discovered. Skyline Skaters is now available for free download on Android from Google Play and Amazon

About Skyline Skaters
Armed with just a skateboard, your wits and quick reflexes you must avoid police capture and dangerous pitfalls between skyscrapers while trying to collect as many coins and power-ups as you can. Choose between seven different characters – Matt, Christy, Barry, Kuro, Pepe, Mia and the temporary World Cup character, the “soccer player” Theo – each with special abilities, such as triple jump, shield or grinding bonus. Then you have a choice between 25 different upgradeable skateboard types that offer various bonuses in terms of score and how many coins can be collected. Special boards also have capabilities to increase the coin collection exponentially when you hit a streak of coins in-game, while others reward based on how many friends you have. Skyline Skaters even has a special night/day cycle, which coincides with real time.

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