Bee Leader, Apple’s App of the Week, buzzes onto Windows® and Windows Phone®.

Leading independent game developer Flightless has announced today that their award winning and critically acclaimed original title, Bee Leader, is now available on the Microsoft Windows® 8.1 and Windows Phone® 8 stores.

The game has been available on Apple’s iOS® platform since 2012 and has surpassed 3 million downloads, including being selected by Apple as one of their “Best of 2012” and being featured as Apple’s “App of the Week” in May 2013.

Featuring beautiful artwork and a visual style that is unmatched, Bee Leader brings players into the world of the honey bee. The game has a unique style of gameplay where players move around circular mini-worlds collecting nectar from flowers. The faster players get nectar back to their hive the more honey is made! Players must avoid enemies and bad weather, while collecting as much nectar as possible before the sun sets.

“We’re really excited to see Bee Leader make the move onto Windows and Windows Phone” says Greg Harding, Technical Director of Flightless. “It’s a great family-friendly title that we want everyone to be able to play.” The game has already been reviewed on iOS with Touch Arcade giving the game 4.5 stars and saying “Bee Leader both surprises and delights from moment one.”

Rush Digital, who brought the game to Windows, will also be bringing the title to Android in the first quarter of 2014. “We ported the game to Unity so we can more easily release on platforms like Android”, says Danushka Abeysuriya, CEO of Rush Digital.

Bee Leader for Windows® 8.1, Windows Phone® 8, Mac OS X®, iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® features:

– Award-winning beautiful design & illustration in HD/Retina

– 16 levels over 5 different worlds

– Cool flight model, fun physics, and great interactive sound

– Social networking & sharing support

– Game Center leaderboards & achievements (iOS/Mac only)

– Regular updates featuring new content

– Pesky hornets

Bee Leader is available from the App Store℠ and the Windows Store today.

Gameplay Trailer:


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