Berlox software solutions is pleased to announce the release of Zero Defense for Windows Phone.

Zero Defense is a classic tower defense game featuring engaging gameplay optimized for both casual gamers and hardcore tower defense fans. The goal of the game is to prevent enemies from crossing a map by building various towers which shoot at them as they pass. By killing an enemy player earns money which can be spent to build more towers to upgrade existing ones.
Zero Defense consists of 35 campaign mode levels, as well as several brainstorming challenge levels.

• 30 hours of campaign mode gameplay across 3 worlds
• Diversity of cute enemies with handcrafted animations
• Gems mode for pro tower defense fans
• Secret levels with unique twists and turns
• Brainstorming bonus levels for real hardcore gamers
• Level up and Upgrades (no microtransactions!)
• Online leaderboards and achievements

Device requirements
Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 8
33 MB

Pricing and availability
Zero Defense is free to try and will become available worldwide through Windows Phone Store in the games/strategy+simulation category on November 25th, 2013
Upon launch Zero Defense will be completely free with no limitations for one day. Full version regular price is $1.49.

Gameplay video:

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