BUOY BOY out now on iOS

Enjoy the dive of your life

Start your endlessly floating journey and test your underwater diving skills with Buoy Boy today! On a long way to the surface you’ll find many treasures and have to avoid dangerous enemies and moving obstacles. Each collected treasure enables you to buy more upgrades that will help you on Buoy Boy’s journey. Are you prepared for this endless floating experience? Buoy Boy is now available on iPad and iPhone for only $0.99 (0,99€ / £0.79).

Choose your controls between tilting and tapping your iPad or iPhone, or alternatively use the virtual joystick and float button to help Buoy Boy in his quest becoming a real boy again:

About Buoy Boy:
In this challenging endless swimmer, you play as a scuba diving kid that found a strange jewel in the ocean, when he tried to hold it an unfortunate curse transformed him into a buoy. Now he will have to cross the ocean and magical worlds in order to become a real boy again. Just tap to make Buoy Boy float and tilt to avoid the hostile wild-life. Be careful not to sink to the bottom.

Features & Trailer:
•Help Buoy Boy collect the treasure to become a real boy again!
•Complete different missions on your quest
•Avoid the dangers lurking in every corner
•Get powerful upgrades and bonuses
•Earn points by collecting treasures
•Use different steering methods
•Unlock many different skins
•Breathtaking locations
•Relaxing music

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