French studio Toboco releases ‘TMIYC – Tap Me If You Can’ a new generation of Tap’em Up for iPad

“TMIYC – Tap Me If You Can” is a challenge of a new kind for arcade gamers seeking for an intense gameplay. Designed for touch screens only, its fast paced action will not only demand reflexes but also wit and stamina in a one of a kind comic book universe.

Armed with his two fingers and skill, the player has to clean the TMIYC Inc. premises infested by nasty and deadly little experiment results. Fast paced action, overwhelming foes and combinable bonuses are at the core of the TMIYC experience. Each one of the 10 game zones is designed to provide its own challenges. After completing all three sectors of a zone in story mode, the player accesses its dreaded infinite mode.

“Bringing the Tap’em Up genre to a next level is Toboco’s gameplay ambition” said Dominique Toutut, CEO of Toboco, the editing company. “A “Play in a comic book” approach, inspired by French and Belgium Comic books artists of the 70’s and 80’s, so-called “Ecole Franco-Belge”, shaped the creative concept. “TMYC – Tap Me If You Can” offers a graphic universe of its very own, entirely hand drawn and laid out, inviting the player into unique playable comic book pictures and their tailored immersive music themes”, he added.

“No In App Purchase” is Toboco’s policy regarding “TMIYC – Tap Me If You Can” content. The game will evolve and there will be additional content but it will be completely integrated into the app’s updates and thus totally free.

“TMIYC” will be available on May 29th 2014 for $2.99/€2.69 from the AppStore on iPad only.
A special launching price of $1.99/€1.79 (33% discount) will be offered during launch week (May 29th / June 5th included).

A free Lite version including the first three zones and an infinite sector will also be made available on May 29th 2014.

The app will be available worldwide in both English and French, further localizations will be added shortly.

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