Hurl VR, Pinball-Inspired Puzzler, on Steam for HTC Vive

Hurl VR, the debut title by indie developer Rusty Oak, launched on Steam for HTC Vive and is available for $4.99/ £3.99/ €4.99. Hurl VR places players into a massive virtual Pinball machine, where they have to fine-tune their throwing and tactical skills in order to solve the puzzles and beat the game.

Hurl VR is a physics-based ball throwing simulator in virtual reality with a touch of tactical puzzler, requiring skill, logical thinking and precise timing. It offers 30 atmospheric levels with increasing difficulty and complexity as new platforms with different features emerge, such as boosting the speed of the ball or teleporting it to another platform in a new angle. Hurl VR uses 360-degree environments so look around if you don’t want to get stuck in one level for too long!

The unique angle of Hurl VR lies in embracing the physical aspects of individual players, which are generally overlooked in modern game development. A shorter player might find it extremely easy to complete a certain level that requires a low and tactical throw, whereas a tall player might find it more challenging to tackle the same level. These personal human traits make each player’s game experience entirely unique and at times even comical, thus Hurl VR stands out not only as an interactive puzzler but as a fun party game as well.