Alien Path, Alien Hive-inspired puzzler (Video)

Alien Path finally makes its way across the world with its global launch! Drawing artistic inspiration from Alien Hive, it is set to eclipse its predecessor with groundbreaking, never-before-seen gameplay.

Alien Path joins the list of Award Winning games from Appxplore with a unique combination of RPG, Puzzle, Path-Planning and Strategy. Players must eliminate enemies by cleverly navigating the aliens into direction changing arrows on a path to destroy the invading robots.

Travel from planet to planet as you face of the invading Robots who are hell-bent on destroying all living civilization. Hatch new ascended Aliens, discover legendary powers and set your self on a path of robot destruction – all life in the universe is counting on you!

Unique Gameplay: A completely fresh, never before seen RPG Puzzle game
Hatch New Aliens: 16 different Aliens to hatch and upgrade, each with unique strengths
Power Cards: Collect over 100 Alien Power cards with thousands of skill combinations
Mind Blowing Strategy: Limitless battle tactics to employ with hundreds of passive and active skills
Character customization: Multiple ways to develop your Aliens and Power Cards
Giant Robot Bosses: Face fearsome Giant Boss Robots and against their numerous Robot Tech
A Whole New Dimension: Unlock Parallel Planets take your battles to the next level
Fresh Challenges: Participate in special daily events and unique planets with set rules and challenges
Friends Spirit: Lend a helping hand to friends with Spirit to explore the whole galaxy

Alien Path is available on iOS and Android.