Impossible is nothing! Drawing is everything!

isTom Games proudly presents its newest title, Impossible Draw downloadable on the App Store for FREE from the 20th of November!

The idea of the game, the first scratch basically manifested in a cyberspace-like audiovisual result, filled with a gameplay requiring Your drawing skills. And not only this: to achieve Your goal, sharp reflexes and quick decision-making are required. To succeed, You must draw the incoming symbols properly, and be warned: the more You can draw, the trickier the symbols will be. With a unique and compelling audiovisual design, Impossible Draw easily becomes an experience which is hard to forget!

The game offers no less but:
– hundreds of challenges,
– 3 themes,
– 4 game modes,
– 7 audio tracks,
– 5 special effects,
– Game Center support,
– and absolutely no violence!

Impossible Draw is playable for FREE. Even though optional upgrades makes it more vivid, it can be enjoyed on it’s basic free form for hours.

Once you get the hang of it, Impossible Draw is impossible to put down!

– iOS
– Android, Kindle (later this year)

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